Tracking and Receiving


Q: My order isn't showing on the 'My Orders' section in my online account - where is it?

A: Don't worry - your order won't show up on our online system until 12 hours after you've received your dispatch confirmation email. Check back soon!


Q: My credit/debit card/voucher/store card transaction is showing but I haven't received my order confirmation - what has happened?

A: When you enter your card details to pay for your order, your Bank will automatically deduct the money from your account, although it is not actually taken until we despatch your order. At this point you will also receive an email confirming your order. If for any reason we do not despatch your order, we will not charge you and the money is automatically put back onto your available balance by your Bank. This usually takes around 3 to 5 working days, but the exact timeframe does depend on your card issuer and Bank.


Q: My order says 'complete' - what does that mean?

A: Your order has been dispatched and is now on its way to you. Please allow 12 hours from when you received your confirmation email before tracking your order online.


Q: I have tracked my order and it says 'delivered' but I haven't received it yet. What can I do?

A: We're sorry to hear that - please call our friendly team on 01234 782828 (outside UK +44 123 478 78) and they will be able to help you. Please keep your order number handy.


Q: I have received my order however there are items missing - what can I do?

A: Please call Customer Services on 01234 782828 (outside UK +44 123 478 78) and we'll sort it out for you. Please keep your order number handy when you call.


Q: I have received my order but I'd like to return it - how do I do that?

A: Please refer to our Returns section you'll find everything you need to know.